Not even in February 2021 that Nike is already throwing us 5 Dunk models and it’s not over yet. Nike is looking to bring dunk back into fashion and it's safe to say they're doing it pretty well.

This popularization of this iconic model begins first with Travis Scott. A great lover of dunks, the American rapper shows them to us through the different models he owns with still extravagant photos. The very fashionable artist collaborates with Nike on the model to create his own Dunk, the Dunk travis scott with very limited quantities. The craze around this pair is huge for sneaker lovers, collectors and purists but even more so for the large community of Travis Scott because it is a collaboration on the favorite model of the artist. .

Nike will offer us models already released in the early 2000s such as the Dunk Syracuse with an orange color and the Kentucky Dunk with its blue colourway, which was all the rage during the year. Nike continues this year by offering us several models still as pretty as the Dunk Coast, the Dunk Football Gray, the Dunk Black White and many more to come to allow everyone to have the color they want. We risk seeing this year a dunk at the feet of each person.              

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