In 2020, Kim Jones and the swoosh brand teamed up for a collaboration on one of Nike's most iconic models: the Air Jordan 1. The collaboration consisted of a Air Jordan 1 High and a Air Jordan 1 Low. It also included textiles and leather goods. This collaboration had its own logo, a mix of the Jordan logo and the Dior logo, which made this collaboration something special.


This collaboration had a certain enthusiasm because it was between the luxury brand of the moment and the pair of the moment. The Air Jordan 1 is the hype pair of 2020 in the eyes of the general public. Dior with its great fame in luxury had gained momentum thanks to rapper Pop Smoke and his music bearing the brand name. This collaboration stood out for its very limited quantities and only accessible by drawing lots. We also discovered a new design of the Air Jordan 1 with lots of details, with a gray-white color, the swoosh adorned with the Dior monogram, a translucent sole with the Air Dior logo, a tongue with Air Dior branding and the revisited Wings logo. .

The hype of Air Dior also stems from the fact that the collection was first seen on Travis Scott, one of the most popular and hyped artists of the moment. We could see several stars making us discover the pair exclusively on the various social networks, which aroused even more the curiosity of the general public.

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